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“The more you try to crush your true nature, the more it will control you. Be what you are. No one who really loves you will stop.” 

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sure is hard work being the emo cousin AND the gay cousin


you know what I do when I don’t like a character?

  • I don’t talk about them.
  • I don’t go into their tag.
  • If I see an edit of them, I ignore it.
  • I may even blacklist their name if the dislike is strong enough.

you know what I don’t do when I don’t like a character?

  • go in their tag
  • reblog edits of them just to complain
  • make posts about them
  • in general, I don’t waste my time and breath on them

it’s….it’s a remarkably simple concept

it makes life a whole lot nicer

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Pursuit of Happiness
Kid Cudi (feat. MGMT & Ratatat)
Project X Original Motion Pitcutre Soundtrack
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people who go into the shower then turn it on are not to be trusted

A man of indomitable c o u r a g e”  (Hook by J.M. Barrie)

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All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

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"I am not an evil woman. I am a skillful woman.
Because I am skillful, I make distinctions.
Because I make distinctions, some people hate and fear me."

—Euripides’ 'Medea' (Brendan Kennelly translation)

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Remus Arthur Potter, you were named after two men who looked out for my safety and cared about my well-being out of altruism and decency rather than because I was a tool for them to use or because I was someone’s son.

S03E17   l  Danny being a great uncle.

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I mean …


So why do you think YOUR SHIP is a thing?


Colin, JMo, writers:  Hook and Emma are kindred spirits, very alike, see things in each other that they understand and like, they are attracted to one another, he’s been good for her, he’s been there for her in ways that no one else ever has, he gave up his ship for her, he’s in love with her, she has feelings for him that scare her so she pushes him away because of that, not because she doesn’t like but because she does, they were always meant to be in love, this has been the plan from the beginning, amazing chemistry, similar backstories, etc.


Lana: Well, they’re both hot?

Everyone, cast, crew, entire creative team: They are not now, and never have been, and never will be, canon.


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The things we love destroy us every time. Love no one but your children.

My class today

Me: So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl's hair...
Students: He likes her!
Me: Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
Students: That is just how boys are.
Me: Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and--
Students: Oh, that's not okay.
Me: Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children's lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
Students: Oh.
Me: Oh, is right.