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Welcome to my blog where you shall find a lot of Once Upon A Time, Game of Thrones, Tolkien, and Marvel things, as well as bad attempts at Photoshop, words written by myself, and feels you probably won't even understand. Fair warning that there is a 101% chance you will also see other fandoms, as well as just about anything else I choose to reblog because, well. This blog is mine.


"I bear the wounds of all the battles I avoided."

—Fernando Pessoa (via georginakincaid)
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sneak peek from 50 shades of gray!!

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being so fucking attracted to someone who’s famous feels so fucking ridiculous like you know you have no chance with them in any way at all like you barely have a chance to fucking meet them

but you still just

are so attracted to them

so, so attracted to them

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writers and roleplayers > check out my friend's book.

A world like nothing you’ve ever read before. Catalaysia, a novel by Auna June, is the story of a young woman’s struggle with Good vs. Evil, a power that comes with a curse, and a land like no other. Catalaysia is a book that will keep you guessing and entertained with every page, and will take you to a placewhere escaping before the final chapter isn’t an option.

Join the Cataslays and follow us on tumblr:

Read the first few chapters online here.

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jen & colin’s reaction for a adorable little girl

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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

What were you saying, Rumple?

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Killian Jones + Twitter.

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Emma swan + Twitter.

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David Nolan + Twitter.

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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Someone’s feeling a little left out.

(Thanks to vickyvicarious for this one! x)

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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Captain Hook: Babysitter Extraordinaire.

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On this episode of Real Husbands of Storybrooke:

Who knew Captain Hook was so fashionable.

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"on your left (boob)"

—chris evans, probably (via stuckv)
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